Walk in.
Be counted.

Engage your membership with Shepherd’s Watch. Improve retention. Increase participation. It is the newest way to engage members in the full range of church activities.

Manage membership.

A simple non-invasive system for recording member information. Attendance. Donations. Special event participation. Prayer requests. Volunteers. Health. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Pledge Campaigns. And more.

Shepherd’s Watch enables religious organizations to automatically track membership attendance. Simplifies donations and other forms of financial support.

Shepherd's Watch helps Churches

Build and maintain parishioner attendance and engagement

Generate additional revenue through sponsorships and parishioner advertisements

Increase participation rates in church events

Optimize the tithing experience through mobile payments

Reach and update parishioners on their mobile device

Better understand parishioner demographics

Simplify the Process

Shepherd’s Watch is a mobile application that uses the latest Bluetooth features on parishioners' mobile devices to automatically mark then present during each visit.

Integrate or Separate

Shepherd’s Watch can be integrated with other church management software solutions or run as a standalone solution.

Added Benefits

Shepherd's Watch simplifies the process of gathering information from existing members, new and repeat guests, allowing organizations to focus on delivering their message instead of manually tracking attendance with methods that are often inaccurate and time consuming. Not only track attendance numbers, but also expand outreach by customizing direct-messaging, notifications of the sick and shut-in, accepting prayer requests and much, much more!


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Yes, the Shepherd's Watch solution can automate the attendance process so that no manual attendance taking is required in limited-staff organizations.
Yes, the Shepherd's Watch solution is flexible and can be expanded to include multiple entry ways as well as multiple church admin check-in points.
Not at all, Shepherd's Watch is designed to work stand-alone as well as compliment many of the existing management solutions.

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