About Lazarus Software

Who We Are

Lazarus Software Corp is a boutique software and mobile solutions company that provides branded enterprise solutions centered around our client’s target audiences.

What does that mean to you?

Our team of creative, ambitious problem-solvers will be dedicated to creating the best product for you and your customers. These applications encompass creative and technology solutions tracking the entire engagement lifecycle. Included are valuable production and engagement reports that enable the business to focus on retention and loyalty initiatives rather than focusing on the technology. Our desire is that by working closely with our clients, and as a team, we can build creative solutions that work for you.

Lazarus not only creates highly innovative branded solutions, we specialize in producing effective, engaging experiences and front-to-back application support to garner customer loyalty.

"Our company hired Lazarus Software to update and build a custom database reservations system for a local DMC Transportation company. This is a job that the original programmer deemed too difficult to manifest the desired outcomes. Lazarus quoted the job perfectly and executed it in a timely and proficient manner going the extra mile as needed. Our company would absolutely call on them again."

John Wilson

Creative Marketing

"Lazarus Software has been one of the best partners I have had the pleasure of working with in the mobile space. They not only understand how to perform and write the back end of programs, but they also understand the business logic to maximize ROI. Lazarus is really a one stop shop which is hard to find in today's world. They can write the code and design the backend, design the front end, and understand how to maximize the full potential of the program's needs. Because Lazarus has the abilities, I have asked them many times to be on sales calls to help lay out the benefits of taking a mobile program to a deeper engagement. I would recommend Lazarus as a partner to anyone looking for a world class expert."

Bruce J Hershey II

VP, Retail Brand Strategy/Marketing
Men's Wearhouse

Why We Are Different

Lazarus’ focus is on the client first, then the project. This relationship strategy has proven to build trust. We believe partnering with our client will help us discover potential obstacles that could impact the desired end result. Through discovery and interaction, we will provide an appropriate and compelling finished product.

“No one will care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Forming long-lasting, meaningful relationships is vital to our success. While building a meaningful foundation requires time and effort, we believe that the rewards are significant for our clients and for us.

Our Approach

Lazarus uses a collaborative, four-phase engagement approach. Requirements Definition, Proof of Concept/Prototyping, Pilot Run, and Production. Our methodology is designed to clearly define the client relationship, resulting in success.

We use the Agile development process, an alternative to traditional waterfall project management, which allows us to empower our developers to collaborate and make team decisions, in addition to continuous planning, continuous testing and continuous integration. During development we produce small, quick iterations of each design in order to convey the idea, then build upon those iterations in order to produce the target product.

Cultivating Engagement

Customer Relationship strategies help to identify the most relevant challenges and obstacles so solutions can then properly, and promptly, resolve deterrents to a successful outcome.

It is important to understand the project from the client’s perspective. We ask questions and aptly listen:

  • What is the primary function to be accomplished?
  • Why do you want to emphasize this particular idea?
  • Why will the audience care about that feature?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What are the measurements of success?

Building Loyalty

We establish relationships with our clients in order to understand how they depend on their brand, and we use that information to build the relationship between the brand and the target audience.

Brand loyalty is the result of an emotional decision to use a specific product or service again and again. If the target audience has a positive experience with your product, they become advocates for your brand, and start to promote the product or service by word of mouth.

By determining what our clients stand for, what their core values and beliefs are, and how that can be translated into emotional connections, we can more successfully produce a product that will build that loyalty.

While building trust with our clients, we try to ensure that we are meeting…and hopefully exceeding…their expectations every step of the way. Not all product or service issues are easily fixed, but we try to approach the problem by understanding our client and its brand, and how we can use that to establish a connection and build loyalty with the audience.

Building Business

Lazarus is a perfect fit for any business size; organizations ranging from startup to enterprise-level corporations, open to new ideas and clearly desiring the best possible solution. We believe in developing applications based on your business needs and business model. Our belief is each client is unique and should be treated as such.

By using brand loyalty, we can build commerce around our clients’ business goals as well as customer needs. Keeping our eye on and enhancing our clients’ perceived values, we can focus our strategy in a way that will both profit them and better connect with the audience by presenting a core product offering that customers recognize.

Creating relationships and building trust is vital and imperative for business success…once trust is achieved, a business will gain a customer’s loyalty, possibly for life. Our objective is to work with clients on a personal level to provide business solutions that will build life-long loyalty.